Project Play: Uganda is the ultimate African adventure allowing you to explore, discover and develop the incredible country of Uganda. As an ethical, affordable trip, it is the perfect opportunity to have the summer of a lifetime.

It’s all about enhancing children’s childhoods through play whilst experiencing a new culture. You will spend your weekdays building a playground at a local primary school and your weekends enjoying the amazing activities on offer in Uganda, what’s not to love!


Are you are someone who loves to travel and see the world? Perhaps a person who wants to make a difference in the world? Or are you looking for ways in which to develop and learn new skills? If you answered yes to any of these – you need to volunteer with us!


Play Action enriches disadvantaged children’s lives through play. We support children’s physical, psychological and social development and equip them with important life skills to boost their prospects, harnessing the power of play to bring about change.


On weekends, you can explore Uganda with our incredible, jam-packed activity weekend packages! You can go on a 3-day safari, white water rafting, paddle boarding or a relaxing weekend on the banks of the River Nile! There’s something for everyone.




Monday 3rd June – Monday 1st July GOOD AVAILABILITY
Monday 1st July – Monday 29th July GOOD AVAILABILITY
Monday 29th July – Monday 26th August SOLD OUT

Maja volunteered with us in Uganda and loved the whole experience

Maja volunteered with us in Uganda and loved the whole experience

“Thank you so much! This is the first volunteer project I’ve done, and I am immensely proud to have begun with you! I am in love with this charity, with how ethical and compassionate and genuine it is, it really has put my faith back into humanity! I love how we’ve gotten to know local volunteers and being so immersered in Ugandan life which has the most amazing, vibrant culture. I am so proud of this charity and being able to see and be part of what it has accomplished, and I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful opportunity. Much praise and love.”


We are committed to providing a responsible volunteering opportunity that is of high quality and that is respectful and beneficial to all involved. Our opportunities are underpinned by our commitment to equal opportunities, diversity, sustainability, ethics and providing employment opportunities.

To find out more details about our unique approach to volunteering, please download our Ethical Travel Policy.


Q: Will it be safe to travel with COVID-19?

A: All our activities are risk assessed and insured and once in Uganda you will be supported by our local team. We have 10+ years’ experience of delivering life-shaping experiences for volunteers including during several Ebola outbreaks and national elections! If for whatever reason the safety of our volunteers or the communities we serve come into question, we will postpone your trip. Safety is our primary concern at all times!

Q: How will I hit my fundraising target?

A: Whether you have never fundraised before or are a seasoned pro, we’ve got your back. Our team will offer you comprehensive support throughout your fundraising journey, ensuring you smash your target. We have supported thousands of fundraisers like you over the past 10 years and will share our strategies with you to ensure you succeed.

Q: How many other people will be in my group?

A: We organise a select number of these trips every year. Our focus is on quality not quantity and delivering an ethical and responsible adventure that does not negatively impact its surroundings. We only take a maximum of 20 like-minded adventurers per group – ensuring a low environmental impact, highly sustainable trip and a very personal, high quality experience for you.

Q: My parents are worried about my safety in Uganda, how can I reassure them?

A: This is a very common concern but an unnecessary one! Uganda is an amazing country that over 1.5 million tourists visit each year and is classed as an excellent place to travel, due to not only to what it has to offer but also its stability and safety. Uganda has won awards for being the ‘Number 1 country to visit in the world’ and has the same risk level as Australia, Belgium and France. Since 2009 we have had hundreds of volunteers visit Uganda with us without any major incidents.

We answer some more common questions on Safety in Uganda here.