To date, we have built over 444 playgrounds in primary schools, Early Childhood Development centres, refugee settlements and community settings.

Over 660,000 children have been provided with a safe place to play, heal, learn and develop.

We have become the leading play-based NGO in Uganda’s refugee settlements, where we have so far supported over 250,000 refugee children through play.

The schools where we have installed playgrounds and implemented our Educational Play programme, have benefitted from incredible results ranging from higher levels of enrolment and attendance to drastic improvements on children’s wellbeing and happiness.

Our own research has found that in primary schools where we implement playground and play-based learning programmes…

And in Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres…

Over the next few years, we look forward to further developing our Monitoring & Evaluation systems to gain and even better understand the long-term impacts and benefits of play on the lives of disadvantaged children.