We have over 10 years’ experience safely delivering life-shaping experiences for volunteers including during COVID, several Ebola outbreaks, and national elections! All of our activities are risk assessed and insured, and once out in East Africa you will be supported by our highly experienced, local team. The following links are where you can find the official, up-to-date travel advice from the government:




This is a very common concern, especially for parents, but an unnecessary one! Uganda and Kenya are amazing countries that millions of tourists visit each year, and are classed as excellent countries to travel to, not only due to what they have to offer, but also their stability and safety. Since 2009, we have had over 2,000 volunteers safely visit East Africa with us.

We answer some common questions on Safety in Uganda here.

In light of the recent FCDO travel advice to Jinja Town, Uganda, please read our statement here to view our travel advice and risk management plan. (Updated December 12th 2023)

If you have specific concerns about being LGBTQI+ in Uganda, you can read our statement here. (Updated June 2nd 2023)