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Why We’re Needed Now More Than Ever. In the Metro

Posted on 16 September 2020

Play Action International is in the Metro, talking about the impact of the pandemic on small charities like us and why we are needed now more than ever.

UK-based international charities are struggling even more as they are not eligible for any grants or funding. Play Action International enriches disadvantaged children’s lives through the power of play, is one of the charities affected. Chief Executive Murielle Maupoint said:

Like many small organisations, we do not have significant reserves to absorb catastrophic shocks like COVID-19 has created. With our funding streams collapsing overnight, very little reserves to fall back on and a team of 60 in Uganda that we needed to continue to support financially. It was a hugely stressful time for us all. We knew that if we were going to keep our head above water, we needed to rapidly adapt to the situation.”

The charity, which has experienced a 95% fall in fundraising income since the start of lockdown, took a radical step and decided to rebrand from its old name – East African Playgrounds. Murielle said,

“We do so much more than build playgrounds and our ambition is to operate across the world. We know that now more than ever our work is needed to re-engage children in education and help them process what they have experiences during the pandemic.”

Charities now say they are looking towards the future and adjusting to the ‘new normal’ way of life. From online fundraising events to the possibility of a second national lock-down, they have a huge challenge on their hands.

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