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Uniting Nations Through Quality Education

Posted on 17 September 2020

This week, the United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and the 5th anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals include Goal Number 4 – Quality Education, to Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

At Play Action International, we believe that when a child engages with play, their learning becomes deep-seated and more exploratory, so they retain knowledge for longer and have a better understanding of the concept being taught.

Our Educational Play programmes are proven to have a positive impact on learning, behaviour and school attendance. They build the capacity of caregivers and teachers to implement play-based approaches in their teaching methodology. This includes how to use easy-to-find materials and the natural environment as well as playgrounds, helping children learn in a more interactive way.

With school closures impacting the lives of billions of children and families across the globe, and the world continues to respond to the effects of COVID-19, now more than ever Quality Education is pivotal to support children’s learning and development opportunities.

Play Action International has continued to diversify our play programmes support and abilities to create brighter futures through exciting play opportunities. Our Play Bus – a mobile play-based educational resource that brings offers children living in slum communities an interactive opportunity to escape the dangers of their environment and experience a safe space to play, learn and develop. Our Home Infant Play Kits – are an invaluable way to support vulnerable parents and children during their first 1,000 days, helping children to grow, learn and thrive in the early years.

Regional Director of Play Action International, David Spencer leads the team in Uganda and works to ensure our high-quality play programmes are delivered effectively in the development and humanitarian sectors. David says,

“It’s no secret that the impact of COVID-19 has been felt greatly by many children across the world. Play Action International continues to use its experience of working in complex operating environments and diversifying programmes capability to ensure that the most disadvantaged children can access the play opportunities they so greatly deserve.”

Find out more about our innovative play programmes and how we’re responding to the growing need for Quality Education, globally.

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