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Touchdown! The Nüdel Kart arrives in the UK

Posted on 6 October 2021

In June this year, we announced an exciting new project being supported by a grant from the Milton Keynes Community Foundation. The project sets to deliver play sessions using the innovative Nüdel Kart for children who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. You can read more about the grant and the play sessions here.

The Nüdel Kart was recently delivered to our office in Milton Keynes, and it was up to our UK fundraising team to put it together! Check out the photos below to see how it went…

The team had so much fun constructing and playing with the kart, we can’t wait to see the faces of happy children when they get to enjoy it over the next few months!

The benefits of free-play time with the loose-parts Nudel Kart are endless. Prioritizing play for children is important now more than ever, we believe it to be the key to children’s developmental and mental progress and recovery after the pandemic. Play provides a whole variety of therapeutic opportunities for recovery from negative experiences; enabling children to process anger, relieve stress, relax, bond with others, express themselves, increase their locus of control, overcome challenges and model positive behaviours.

We’re currently scheduling Nüdel Kart sessions with children/family centres, libraries, pre-schools, and primary schools in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re so excited to start delivering these sessions and bring the limitless benefits of play to disadvantaged children in the UK.