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Celebrating Refugee Week

Posted on 16 June 2021

Refugee Week is an annual festival held between 14 – 20 June. It celebrates the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. This year’s theme is ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’.

Play Action International is excited to celebrate this important festival, having become the leading play-based NGO in Uganda’s refugee settlements, where we have so far supported over 250,000 refugee children through play. In 2018-19 alone, 40% of the 116 playgrounds we installed were in Early Childhood Development Centres or ECDs and primary schools in refugee settlements and refugee hosting districts across Uganda. This included Bidibidi, the world’s second largest refugee settlements where there was a vital need to respond to support children affected by trauma.

Through our trauma-based play programmes children can learn to overcome their experiences and process their emotions, supporting their wellbeing and more positive future outcomes. To further support children living in refugee contexts and those affected by trauma, Play Action International has recently piloted the Nüdel Kart with children in Uganda. The Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable kart with endless opportunities for play and both therapeutic and pastoral care built into its DNA.

The very first Nüdel Kart prototype was tested by Syrian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon. The team from Nüdel Kart said “These children fled one of the worst conflicts in human history.” A film was created to document the process, watch the trailer below:

Watch this space to see how the Nüdel Kart and Play Action International will be supporting other trauma-based play programmes to support even more trauma affected children living in refugee settings.

Play Action is championing Refugee Week to ensure refugee children don’t walk alone. Show your support and get involved with Refugee Week today.