Quest to Bidibidi

This is your chance to take on a challenge and encourage yourself to exercise whilst making a huge difference to the lives of those around you. Quest to Bidibidi  is a virtual challenge that starts at the charity’s Headquarters in Bletchley in the UK and takes teams of up to 12 people across 10 countries to Bidibidi settlement in Uganda, covering a total of 8,800km between each team.

Many children in East Africa have limited access to safe and fun play and their lives will inevitably be further impacted by COVID-19. Funds raised by teams who take part will help Play Action International to fund more projects to help children in East African enjoy the benefits of play. Join the Quest to Bidibidi today!

The Quest…

You will be (virtually) travelling the 8,800 km from the UK to Uganda, through your day to day activities. As a team of 12 or less, you will be racking up the kms by tracking your steps, runs, yoga sessions, cycling and even gardening and cleaning! There is a live map which you can jump into and see the different landscape you are travelling along.

But it is not just down to your exercise, your friends and family can boost your kms and give you a piggy back by donating to your fundraising page. Every £1 donated will 1 km! We will help you throughout with lots of different fun fundraising ideas and get everyone involved.

And finally, in true Play Action International style, there are optional challenges along the way, which you do as a team and are worth 300 km per challenge! Each challenge is play themed and causes plenty of hilarity and memories in the creation!

The details…

The next Quest starts on Monday 16th November 2020.

It is just £10 – £25 registration fee per person to enter and you will receive a medal of achievement when you complete the quest.

There is no compulsory fundraising target, but we ask each participant to aim to raise a minimum of £50 each.

Gather your friends, work colleagues and family together, decide on a team name, then all you have to do is sign up here and let Quest Master Jack know who is in your team and you are ready to start on 16th November 2020!