Between 2nd July and 11th September 2022, we will be hosting 152 volunteers and 3 interns in Uganda to build 9 playgrounds that will support nearly 10,000 disadvantaged children every year for the next decade.

We are acutely aware that recent and future global cost increases of commodities will have an impact on our financial forecasts for the the project. However, due to the effects of COVID on fundraising and our programmes over the past 2 years, we find ourselves limited in our ability to absorb these increases and there is little time for volunteers to raise additional funds before their departure to Uganda.

We are determined to ensure that our 155 young volunteers can enjoy the quality and life changing experience they have valiantly worked for and urgently need your help to secure that. We aim to raise £55,466 by the 1st August to safeguard the quality and integrity of our volunteer programme. We welcome any financial contribution to can make towards this total. Any unspent funds will be restricted to support our volunteer programmes in Uganda and Kenya in 2023.

Thank you for your generous support.