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Play Action’s First Playgrounds in South Sudan

Posted on 12 December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, Play Action is proud to announce that we have built our first two playgrounds in South Sudan, as we commit to ensuring more disadvantaged children can lead enriched lives through play.

South Sudan has faced significant challenges, including conflicts, economic instability, and infrastructure limitations. The education system has experienced disruptions, impacting the quality and accessibility of education, including for children of primary school age.

Thanks to our friends at African Revival who have funded our first-ever playground in the region, children in Maridi now have access to a safe and exciting play space.

Play Action is determined to reach as many children as we can through the power of play. In South Sudan, some of the challenges faced in the primary education system include:

  1. Limited Access: Despite efforts to improve access to education, many children in South Sudan still face barriers such as long distances to schools, lack of infrastructure, and economic challenges.
  2. Lack of Quality of Education: Ongoing conflicts have disrupted the regular functioning of schools, leading to a shortage of trained teachers, inadequate resources, and a curriculum that may not be consistently implemented.
  3. Gender Disparities: Gender disparities persist in education, with girls facing additional challenges, including cultural norms, early marriages, and limited access to sanitary facilities.
  4. Post-Conflict Challenges: South Sudan has been dealing with the aftermath of prolonged conflicts, affecting the rebuilding and development of the education sector. The government and humanitarian organizations are working towards addressing these challenges

In response, incorporating playgrounds into schools becomes not only an opportunity for educational enrichment but also a means of creating a supportive and engaging environment for children to thrive despite the adversities they may face. That’s when we knew that with our 14+ years experience of building playgrounds could contribute to a more comprehensive and child-friendly approach to education in South Sudan.

Murielle Maupoint, CEO at Play Action International said, “I am just thrilled to see the opening of our first playgrounds in Maridi, South Sudan. Despite being a small charity, through valued partnerships such as those with African Revival and our commitment to ensuring many more disadvantaged children can benefit from our vital play programmes, we know this is only the start of a bigger programme of work that invests in children’s education in South Sudan.”

The new playgrounds boast swings, seesaws and bursts of colour including giraffes, elephants and zebras.

If you want to learn more about what we do and how you can support our next playground build in South Sudan and beyond, find out more here.