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Play Action’s Eco-Promise

Posted on 28 October 2021

We are committed to providing ethical and sustainable volunteering programmes that respect communities, cultures, and the planet that we all share.

There is an urgent need for all organisations to work in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. This means that we can protect the most incredible playground imaginable… planet Earth itself! When it comes to the student fundraising sector, we are proud to say that we are leading the way.

1. Carbon Neutral Flights

We invest in environmental projects in Uganda to offset the entire carbon footprint of your flight to Uganda, neutralising the impact of your air travel. Feel great before you even land in Uganda knowing that your flight is carbon neutral.

2. Riverbank Conservation

With our base in Uganda located on the banks of the awe-inspiring River Nile in Jinja, we are committed to supporting our local riverbank restoration project. This includes community-led planting of indigenous trees on the riverbank, riverbank beekeeping for alternative income, and sensitisation/support to riverbank landowners to ensure the protection of this critical eco-system.

3. Reducing Plastic

At PAI we are concerned about the amount of plastic that is currently entering our ecosystems. As a child-based organisation, we want children to have a clean environment to play in now and for generations to come. Not only do we work closely with our local activity suppliers and sub-contractors to reduce the use of single-use plastics, we have also started a plastic recycling project. The project will allow us to use plastic which is collected from Jinja and surrounding areas, and process this plastic to be incorporated into our playgrounds. This creates a circular economy providing income whilst also protecting the environment. Currently we collect and process around 30 tonnes of plastic each month, meaning that’s 30 less tonnes of plastic in the local environment!

From using FSC certified printers for things like flyers, to recycling old truck tyres for our playgrounds, we are passionate about finding as many ways as possible to lead the way in reducing the environmental impact of international development projects!