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Obwolo Nursery of the Future Now Open

Posted on 24 October 2023

What started out as a vision for a safe educational space for the children of Obwolo in Kenya has now become a nursery of the future for this community in East Africa.

This project was initiated by Peter Rahal, a keen supporter of Play Action International who recently volunteered with us in Kenya. Whilst helping to build a playground at the neighbouring school, Peter spotted the dilapidated corrugated iron structure nearby and wandered over to investigate.

Peter said,

I wandered over and found small children in a dark, confined space with very little daylight. It was a sight that deeply affected me and I felt a sense of sadness, leaving me feeling compelled to do something. It seemed to me that this was a situation that could be transformed. I contacted Play Action’s CEO and had a conversation about how we could build a proper nursery.

The solution was to build not only a brand new nursery! But not just any nursery, a ground-breaking early years educational setting that inspires a lifelong passion for learning.

We have worked with the amazing CAUKIN who have brought our vision to life with this crescent shaped nursery building which centres around a safe outdoor space for play and learning, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. The building has 3 classrooms for the 3 different ages of the children at the nursery (Pre Primary I, Pre Primary II, and Play Group), and the raised roof allows for plenty of ventilation and natural light. At the children’s request, there is plenty of colour incorporated into the design. All part of our community-led design work.

This month, after much hard work, the nursery has opened and now hundreds of children can enjoy their new learning space. The opening day was a day not to be forgotten as Peter, his wife and local community members joined for this special occasion.

Murielle Maupoint – CEO, Play Action International said,

I am delighted to have joined our team in Kenya to see the nursery of the future open its doors to the children of Obwolo community. This project has been a culmination of many, many volunteer hours, incredible fundraising, and, a vision to create an early years educational setting that inspires a lifelong passion for learning, for all the children that will attend. To see the nursery open and children loving their new learning space is a privilege and a joy.

Please join us in celebrating the opening of Obwolo and keep an eye on social media to follow the amazing impact this nursery is having on the local community.