You have been written down as Next of Kin for a volunteer coming out to Uganda this summer. Throughout the summer, there will always be a UK staff member on call in Uganda should you need anything whilst your next of kin is in country.

Contact Details

Phone: +256709009536

Whilst this staff member who has this phone will rotate throughout the summer, the phone number will remain the same and will be switched on 24 hours a day. It will always be an International Event Coordinator with the phone; either Jess Poole, Jack Butterfield or Sorcha Kennedy.


Our CEO Murielle Maupoint will always be reachable over email for non-emergency situations, and will be able to get in contact with your next of kin through the appropriate staff member if needed.

Uganda Office Address:
East African Playgrounds
Plot 7, Bungalow 11
Amberly Lane
Amber Court
P.O box 1627

We’re really excited for the volunteers to arrive and can’t wait to have a great summer of playground building and fun! If you have any questions at all then please let me know.

Thank you ?