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Leap into Action – Exciting Fundraising Campaign Launches

Posted on 7 February 2024

February marks the launch of our exciting new fundraising campaign; Leap into Action. Come and leap into action with Play Action this month!

When you think of February, you often don’t think about jumping into cold water. Most of us are wrapped up warm, looking for our next hot brew. Not our playful team however and that’s why we’ve launched Leap into Action – an invitation to all of our volunteers to get involved and boost their fundraising page, making this year’s extra day count.

We’re asking fundraisers to leap into a body of cold water (it could be the sea, a lake or even your very own bathtub), capture it on film and donate £10 to their fundraising page. The freezing fun doesn’t end there. After they’ve dipped, we ask our fantastic fundraisers to nominate not one but three others to take the plunge too!

Not only will fundraisers get to increase their donations and in turn, ensure that more disadvantaged children can enjoy the benefits of play, they will be challenging themselves to be playful and take a leap to do something that they might not ordinarily do.

Cold water plunges have been known to have far-reaching benefits for the nervous system, leaving plungers feeling euphoric and full of endorphins. Our very own team members have already started their leaps into February with Matt and Lauren embracing cold temperatures all for the love of play!

We want all our February leapers to play safely this month, so if you decide to take on this challenge, be sure to take a friend or two with you – there’s safety in numbers! The more the merrier, maybe your safety crew want to get involved too. Don’t forget to ask your pals for a donation to your fundraising page and send us your videos and photos so we can share your efforts on social.