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Isle of Man Students win £5,000 for Play Action International!

Posted on 28 March 2022

6 students from Ballakermeen High School, have won Play Action International an incredible £5,000!

The Isle of Man students took part in One World Challenge, picking a charity that they felt passionate about. Not only were they up against teams in their school, but they continued to succeed and battle against teams from other schools on the Island to be the best advocates and fundraisers for their chosen charity. The group of teenagers used their creativity and determination to create fun and original presentations, as well as regular fundraisers in their school which raised an additional £500!

“We did a ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’, sold cakes and went round tutor groups setting  up a table in the canteen. Doing these fundraisers allowed us to raise money whilst also raising awareness of the importance of play to younger children. It was great to involve the whole school community in what we were doing” said the BHS students.

We caught up with them after their big win to see how they felt, and thank them for their amazing contribution.

“We all picked this charity as we felt it was a really interesting and original charity, that is making a huge change to children’s lives. We wanted to support a smaller charity which we all felt connected to as we realised how important play is to children, and how we were lucky enough to have it” said Becca, Grace and Grace.

“Play is important to us because it helped us become who we are now as teenagers. We didn’t realise how many children lacked play and how many of us actually take it for granted. Play gives children an outlet and allows them to have fun, it’s also super important because it helps develop their learning skills as well.”

Play is something people often take for granted, and here at Play Action International, we love to educate everyone on its importance. Did you know global research found that in disadvantaged communities across the world where play-based learning initiatives were implemented, the average monthly earnings increased by 42% over 20 years compared to other children who did not have play based opportunities when they were younger!

“We learnt about the importance of play to children and how much of a difference it makes to their lives. We also learnt about the impact trauma has on children and how play action is using their money to help children cope, whilst also building healthy bodies and allowing them to have an outlet.” Said Reine, Sophia, James

So what is their amazing £5,500 going to fund?

£5,500 = can fund 55 play based sessions to increase parent and child interaction

£5,500 = can fund 110 seesaws as part of a new playground

£5,500 = can fund 366 drum sets so children can dance and learn through the power of music

£5,500 = can fund 1,100 board games, equipped with table and tire seats to allow children to play in a relaxed environment with their friends.

Reine, Sophia, James continued to say “We noticed how much the charity has helped so many children and the statistics really show the impact and importance of play. The charity highlights how important play really is and how a lot of the time this is unnoticed, and people do not realise how important this is, but it is something many of us take for granted. We also love how the charity supports and funds teachers and volunteers to get involved.”

Fundraising and Partnerships Manager, Jack, often met up with the team, giving them support, reassurance and reminding them what a fantastic thing they were doing. “At Play Action International, we are reminded daily and constantly humbled by the support and efforts our fundraisers go through in championing our cause as well as fundraising towards our goals and projects. However, to see such a young team, such as those from Ballakermeen High School, who at such a young age are so passionate about making this world we live in a better place for all and being aware of social issues is truly inspiring. Their efforts and contributions to raising awareness and fundraising for Play Action International will make a massive difference in helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children enhance and improve their lives in the language they know best – Play!”

The BHS students summarized their experience fundraising for Play Action International: “Overall, we are all so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing charity that really makes a huge impact on many children’s lives. We are so happy we as a team could make a difference and help towards something we are all passionate about. We look forward to hearing about how our fundraising is helping aid the charity to better these children’s lives.”

If you would like to find out how your school can support Play Action International like the amazing team at Ballakermeen High School, get in touch with Jess at, arrange an Anything But a Bag Day or set up a fundraising event! We’d love to support you, supporting us!

Picture from left to right: Grace, Grace, Sophia , His Excellency Sir John Lorimer – the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man , Rebecca, Reine, James