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Inspiring Teachers About Play in Romania

Posted on 11 July 2023

From the 10th – 14th of July, Play Action will be delivering a play-based training course in Romania to a group of primary school teachers. In partnership with New Horizons and Endava, the course focuses on play for STEM Education, aiming to inform and inspire teachers in Romania about the power of both PLAY and STEM Education, and how these two things can work hand in hand to excel children’s learning and development.

The training will be delivered by Play Action’s Co-Founder, Carla Gill, with support from Operations Officer Amy Rigby. As with all of our training, this course is interactive, fun, and hands-on, and aims to help teachers to adopt a more playful mindset to benefit the children they work with (and themselves!), whilst focusing on equipping children with STEM knowledge and skills that are critical to school and future career success in our ever-changing world.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) Education is considered more important than ever for a number of reasons:

  1. STEM skills are critical to school success and life
  2. There is an ever-increasing demand for STEM qualifications and jobs
  3. STEM skills help to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps often found in math and science fields
  4. STEM educated workers have higher rates of pay than non-STEM educated people (in the UK, the wage for STEM jobs is about 70% more than the national average)

This course forms part of our Play Action Academy – our training platform that is empowering people across the globe to embrace the power of play and create opportunities for disadvantaged children to learn, develop and heal through play.