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Inspiring Leaders – Play Action Award Winners

Posted on 3 February 2021

Inspiring Workplaces recognises inspiring leadership during the pandemic. Play Action International is delighted to announce that staff have won not one, but two awards!

Murielle Maupoint, Play Action International’s CEO has won an Inspiring leaders award, recognising her inspiring leadership during the pandemic. Murielle is thrilled, she said,

It’s been a super tough year but I am blessed to work with an incredible group of people in the UK and Uganda who are passionately committed to what Play Action International stand for and what we do. Together, we have dug deep…we have innovated & pivoted & played, we have cried and laughed. 12 months on from the start of the pandemic and we are still driving forwards with the same resolve because we ALL believe in the amazing future of this very special organisation. A huge thanks to my team, trustees, our supporters and the wonderful children we serve. You inspire me. EVERY day!

Jack Butterfield, Fundraising and Partnerships Manager at Play Action International has also won an inspiring leaders award. Jack said,

“I work with an incredible team of staff who have been supportive and understanding, creating this fantastic positive, can-do energy which is a joy to be around. Not to mention as well as dedicated, passionate student leaders, volunteers and supporters who all share an unrivalled amount of commitment and passion to the work we do.”

We want to congratulate Murielle and Jack for their incredible achievements!