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Fundraiser Spotlight: Beth’s Incredible Illustrations!

Posted on 16 November 2021

One of our incredible fundraisers, Beth Mesher, is offering custom illustrations between now and New Year, with 100% of profits going to Play Action International. There couldn’t be a more perfect present for Christmas!

Beth will be volunteering in Uganda in July 2022 so we caught up with her to chat about her illustrations and fundraising. “For me it is cost-free and practical way to fundraise, but also spreads awareness for Play Action International and encourages people to spend their money with a cause that matters. I truly believe these illustrations can make perfect low-cost and stress-free presents and so why not support a local business, a small charity and ensure your money is going to a good place!”.

“I started my illustrations during the pandemic to keep me busy and before I knew it friends and family started requesting personalised ones. I soon realised I had a bit of a knack for it. I started up my small business to advertise commissions to the public and it all went from there. The majority of my illustrations are group/family photos or landscapes, but I have also done portraits, pet photos and many more – trying something new is part of the fun of it!”

Fundraising Officer Jess has said, “Being creative is one of the best ways to fundraise, not only is it often fun, engaging and money making, but its also so good for your personal and cognitive development. Whether you’re getting creative with friends, or using it as a destress from work, there are so many benefits to being artistic and using your imagination! It’s exactly why the Play-Based Sessions we carry out as part of our programmes in primary schools often involve arts and crafts”.

Our Educational Play programmes build the capacity of caregivers and teachers to implement creative play-based approaches in their teaching. This includes how to use easy-to-find materials and the natural environment as well as the playground to help children learn in a more interactive way. When a child engages with play, their learning is deep-seated and more exploratory, meaning that they will retain the knowledge for longer and have a better understanding of the concept being taught. Our Educational Play programmes are proven to have a positive impact on learning, behaviour and school attendance.

We asked Beth what encouraged her to sign up to the Uganda Volunteer Project “After taking a year out with ambition to travel this seemed like the perfect opportunity. After the pandemic I think global communities could all do with a little extra happiness being spread around and so Play Action International seemed like the perfect cause. I remember my childhood playground incredibly well and I believe every child has the right the experience that sense of joy”.

To check out some of Beth’s work, and enquire for a commission, follow her Instagram @BethM_Illustrations or donate directly to her fundraising page. Prices can range between £20-£50 depending on the illustration. With 100% of profits going towards Play Action International, what’s not to love!

Help Beth enrich even more children’s lives by purchasing a one-of-a-kind personalised illustrations between now and New Year – we certainly will be!