We’re excited that Dr Lavan Baskaran will be presenting a BBC Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of Play Action International. Dr Lavan, an NHS GP and valued supporter of Play Action, visited Uganda with us in 2015 – and the experience changed him forever.

You can hear Dr Lavan talk about own his experience and tell David’s story on BBC Radio 4 on March 6th at 7:54am and 9:25pm, and again on March 10th at 3:27pm. LISTEN HERE!

Play is how children learn. It’s how they heal from traumatic experiences. It’s how they develop confidence, resilience, and a whole host of other skills. It’s their happy place!

And yet factors such as poverty, war, displacement, child labour, abuse and exploitation mean that for many children, their lives are devoid of play and all the joy and benefits it can bring them. This is a reality we simply refuse to accept.

In the past decade we have installed over 400 playgrounds and trained thousands of teachers and medical professional in how to use play to enhance children’s learning and healing across East Africa. In Uganda where we were founded, our programmes have reached over 550,000 children, of which over 250,000 have been in refugee settlements. Our goal is to bring our life-enriching work to vulnerable children in at least 10 sub-Saharan countries by 2030 as well as across the UK. We need your help to do this.

Listen to Dr Lavan talk about why he chooses to support Play Action International…